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Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 is a complex application that requires thorough knowledge of deployment strategies, interdependencies, and server and storage performance goals. HP has developed the HP Sizer for Microsoft Exchange to assist customers with proper server and storage sizing and configuration for their Exchange deployments. The algorithms developed and implemented in this tool are based upon extensive knowledge of both Exchange and the hardware required to run it: CPU, memory, and storage subsystems. This tool is free to download and use, and is designed to allow very quick ‘what if’ modeling of various configurations and design choices. Once this Sizer is installed, updates can be downloaded automatically to the underlying software engines that are necessary to provide support for new HP server and storage product information details.

This newest HP Sizer for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 provides support for multiple site deployments, varied client profiles, combining or separating server roles, and Database Availability Group (DAG) high availability options. HP Server choices include tower, rack mounted (DL or SL), and HP BladeSystem server platforms. HP storage options include server-based storage, direct attached (DAS), shared DAS or storage area network (SAN) solutions. Based on your input, the tool provides a suggested bill of materials along with a deployment overview of the Exchange server roles and detailed storage configurations, including RAID, disk volumes and database copy layout.

Please see the ‘What’s new” link on the home page of the Sizer (when installed on your system) for the most recent information.

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