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HP Server Based Computing solutions allow for the centralized deployment of enterprise-wide applications while maintaining the ability to support a variety of client computing devices. Applications run 100% on the server with only mouse clicks, keystrokes and screen updates moving across the network. Client computing devices include handheld computers, notebooks, Windows-based terminals, network-based terminals, desktop PCs, workstations, Macintosh computers, X-terminals, UNIX systems and various data collection devices.

HP Server Based Computing solutions have many advantages, including:

  • Lower cost of application ownership
  • Accelerated application deployment
  • Extended application availability
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved data back-up and recovery
  • More effective end-user support
  • No additional development, testing, or deployment procedures for individual applications
  • Uniform desktop experience from any network access point

HP Server Based Computing solutions use HP servers, Microsoft Windows 2000, Terminal Services, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame. HP has worked closely with Microsoft and Citrix to develop the most robust and comprehensive server based computing solution available. Microsoft Terminal Server supports Windows-based devices and IP-based connections. Citrix MetaFrame delivers Windows-based application access to most types of client hardware, operating platforms, network connections, and LAN protocols.

Organizations can keep their existing infrastructure and still use the most advanced 32-bit Windows-based applications available. HP provides the hardware with single and multiple processor servers as well as rack mount server farms.

ActiveAnswers Overview 
HP has developed the ActiveAnswers website to provide information and support for its many solutions, including Server Based Computing solutions. ActiveAnswers is an interactive Internet community with information on sizing, scalability, installation, and management. Each solution has its own unique section in the larger community. Understanding what is available allows users to plan, deploy, and operate their solution more effectively.

Solution Tools in ActiveAnswers
From the initial investigation to the daily application of the solution, ActiveAnswer has tools to assist you in making more effective decisions. Each ActiveAnswers section features solution areas with targeted information for specific information needs. The bullets below reveal just some of the tools that are at your disposal in this solution area.

Planning Area
  • Learn about HP Server Based Computing solution capabilities, CRM and ERP applications in Sizing JDEdwards, PeopleSoft and SAP in a Server Based Computing Environmment.
  • Identify your specific hardware needs with the Sizer for Terminal Server/MetaFrame.
  • Explore links to HP Servers, Microsoft Windows 2000, Terminal Services, Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame areas.

Deployment Area

  • Refer to the "the Intallation Guide for Windows2000 Terminal Services" for instructions on using HP SmartStart technology to install Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Terminal Services enabled and Citrix Presentation Server with Feature Release 1 on ProLiant Servers Running Micorsoft Windows 2000 for Citrix MetaFrame.
  • Download and install the appropriate Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) client for specific solutions. ActiveAnswers provides a link to the Citrix ICA download site.

Operating Area

  • Refer to "Using HP Rapid Deployment Pack to Deploy Citrix Presentation Server on Proliant Servers" for information on implementing flexible and rapidly changeable server farms for Citrix MetFrame XP on HP ProLiant  servers.
  • Explore links to HP Services Training, Microsoft Training and Certification, and Citrix Authorized Learning Center (CALCs) for specific training information.
  • Access all information about the services HP provides to support a specific solution through the link to HP Services.

In the Future

Please come back to this solution area often. Documents and information are added and updated regularly to make sure that users get the most current and appropriate information.

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