ThinPrint Server Engine for Terminal Services

ThinPrint Server Engine for Terminal Services - Solution overview    



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Server-based computing
Server-based computing environments utilizing the HP ProLiant servers and Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server or Microsoft Terminal Services offer inexpensive and efficient alternatives to decentralized IT infrastructures. Mature protocols, like Independent Computing Architecture (ICA­­) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), provide a reliable basis for a networked environment to enjoy accelerated application deployment, lowered application ownership costs, enhanced security, and a uniform desktop experience from any network access point. But these environments are not without their challenges.

Printing challenges in a server-based computing environment
Although a central element of office activity, printing from network access points in a server based computing environment often greatly degrades network performance.

Challenges include:

  • Loss of application performance due to high network bandwidth requirements for print jobs
  • System performance degradation due to CPU and memory intensive print job processing
  • System instability from printer driver conflicts and incompatibilities
  • High WAN costs from sending voluminous print jobs
  • Higher administration costs due to the necessity of managing multiple printers and drivers
  • Poor performance of client machines due to insufficient resources
  • Limited compatibility for mobile users and remote home offices

The solution: HP ProLiant server and ThinPrint Server Engine for Terminal Services
The ThinPrint Server Engine for Terminal Services solution on HP ProLiant was developed to meet these challenges and to provide a scalable, future-ready platform to meet the growing needs of enterprises of all sizes. 

ThinPrint Server Engine on HP ProLiant servers provides exceptional Quality of Service and the patent pending Driver Free Printing technology guarantees the highest levels of user friendliness, flexibility, and performance in Citrix MetaFrame or Microsoft Terminal Services environment - all while saving both time and money.

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