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The purpose of this new HP Sizer for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 is to enable you to determine the most appropriate deployment of HP servers and storage to suit your physical or virtualized SharePoint 2013 solution requirements, based on best-practice configurations developed jointly by HP and Microsoft.

The interview portion of this sizer will prompt for Workload information comprising of the definitions of users, usage and activity; Application Services information relating to the SharePoint 2013 services that will be utilized; Content Storage information describing the Team sites, MySites and Enterprise content; and the Deployment preferences that speak to the technical requirements, such as high availability and virtualization, that support the business needs.

The tool can also allow for future growth needs and/or required reserve capacity, and when appropriate will propose specific hardware choices that will facilitate easier implementation of high-availability options, upgrading and growth in the future.

The sizer uses these data to determine the appropriate multi-server physical or virtualized best-practice configuration, the specific number and type of HP servers that will best meet the customer's needs, and detailed memory, storage (server internal, DAS, shared DAS or SAN) and network requirements. Results are presented in summary form while fine-tuning the solution and exploring options, and when finished as highly detailed configuration design information, BOMs, pricing, etc. Output can be copied to the Windows Clipboard, opened in MS Word or emailed as needed. An automated “Smart Update” process running in the Windows Systray will ensure you have the latest updates as these are released over time to provide support for new HP technologies and enhanced sizer functionality.

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