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When your application lifecycle moves on, your challenges change. Test and implementation phases are completed, operation and extension phases begins. How can you operate your systems and further extensions with the same degree of excellence as the other phases? 

HP excels with a full array of best-in-class services and tools for managing high-performance IT system landscapes in a dynamically changing SAP environment.

The performance trap

In many companies, SAP is a critical element of the core business operations. With mySAP Business Suite, companies can increase the productivity, reduce costs and raise their customer retention.

However, HP knows from numerous projects that the complexity of the SAP system grows dramatically over the usage lifecycle, due to an increasing number of servers, multiplatform environments, or simply by the "more" effect -- more users, more transactions, more SAP solutions.

Keeping up the performance and availability as the SAP system landscape grows implies additional administrative effort. But at the same time, the existing IT admin staff is hard-pressed to deliver on the SAP system performance and uptime expectations, while the IT budget has been frozen, forcing the IT departments to streamline system administration.

Even in a pure SAP R/3 environment, the general set-up makes it necessary to look for ways out of the performance trap that results from too much complexity in dynamic environments, as well as from lack of manpower or expertise in SAP administration. HP can help you to reduce complexity with consolidation or master it with our performance management services. You decide which approach suits you best.

Designing for performance and availability

The complexity of large, complex IT systems and processes makes it difficult to determine what improvements are necessary and how to best implement them, in order to build a better available and optimized SAP system environment.

The HP-SAP Joint Solutions Assessment, offered by HP and SAP, provides an in-depth review of your HP system, SAP solutions landscape, core business processes, and IT management processes and resources.

Gain an efficient and independent review of your IT environment and improve system availability and recovery time, as well as performance of core business processes.

Fine tune your SAP performance

When you experience permanent performance and storage problems, you need to increase productivity by re-assessing your original system sizing against current and future requirements.

HP provides you with a detailed snapshot of your SAP system's performance and transaction volumes, pinpointing the causes of bottlenecks, identifying critical areas that need attention, and forecasting future system capacity needs.

Optimize your system performance through efficient workload distribution and smart data archiving. Save time and effort by leveraging HP expertise and automated tools.

Improve your company's decision-making process for system extensions by basing your decisions on an in-depth assessment of your systems' current capabilities and anticipated growth in demand.

Key benefits fo performance services
  • More efficient workload distribution
  • Easier performance tuning
  • Prevention of bottlenecks
  • Early detection of potential problems
  • Optimized performance and system availability
  • Increased end user productivity and satifaction
  • IT investment optimization with better capacity planning
HP performance analysis for SAP systems

The HP performance analysis for SAP systems (PASS) is a special service offered for proactive and reactive system and network diagnosis. PASS is best combined with EarlyWatch and GoingLive services from SAP to identify the cause of insufficient data throughput, unsatisfactory response times, and other performance-related symptoms.

HP PASS provides a one-time, thorough snapshot of your SAP systems performance, identifies the source of existing bottlenecks, and predicts critical areas where future bottlenecks may occur.

It provides visibility on the overall utilization and activity of system components (CPU, memory and disk), as well as a special view on the resources used by the database and SAP application software. As a result, you receive highly effective recommendations from HP based on best practices gathered from the large number of SAP installations that run on HP infrastructure.

HP Transaction Volume Measurement

HP's Transaction Volume Measurement Service (TVM-S) for SAP R/3 helps you plan for the optimum size of HP hardware needed to support your implementation during the lifetime of the SAP R/3 project.

In the lifetime of your SAP solution, your system changes dynamically as your business changes and develops. As these changes occur, it is very likely that the system performance will suffer from a growing number of users, solutions, and new releases demanding more power.

With HP TVM-S, you can periodically review the hardware sizing throughput during the SAP project life cycle. These results are used as input to the HP sizing process, with best practices from more then 33,000 installations, to produce a new system sizing. This way, a useful hardware capacity plan can be developed and refined at various key stages of an SAP project and throughout the application lifecycle.

HP Investment Optimization Advisor

This service is a combination of the Transaction Volume Measurement Service (TVM-S) for SAP R/3, the Archiving Potential Analysis, and the HP SAP Archiving Workshop. The goal is to identify and explain the potential for optimization within your SAP implementation.

Among factors that influence the performance of an SAP system, the archiving potential is typically the least understood during the ramp-up stage of the project. However, it has the biggest impact on the performance of the SAP R/3 system. The HP Investment Optimization Advisor  provides a direct measurement of business transaction volumes and a detailed database analysis that outlines the archiving potential of the SAP R/3 system. HP investment optimization advisor for SAP R/3 offers vital insight into the details affecting the performance of your system and timely information regarding any changes that might be required to your IT landscape.
HP Discovery Service

Without a clear picture of the current devices on your network, network maintenance, inventory management, and future planning become difficult, if not impossible.

HP Discovery Service provides information for all the devices on your network. And it is fast, without the overhead of most reporting systems. With HP Discovery Service, disaster recovery information, device configurations, and inventory management reports are at your fingertips and always current.

Because HP Discovery Service is fast and does not require a large amount of hard disk space or system resources, demand discoveries can be run by connecting a notebook running HP Discovery Service to the network.

Disaster recovery information is more than just a report of connected devices. It also requires an understanding of the configuration of those devices. HP Discovery Service provides both. When HP Discovery Service collects information, it can be configured to collect the configuration of many of the devices on the network.

If a network problem occurs, HP’s response center engineers can retrieve any of the last five discoveries. By running a unique comparison report against a new discovery, changes in the network’s configuration are identified.

To learn more about HP’s complete portfolio of support services, download the HP Support Services for SAP brochure.
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