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As SAP’s largest partner, HP is one of SAP’s few global technology partners at the highest level. SAP customers have chosen HP seven years in a row as SAP’s best partner. This guarantees a close exchange of information and intense technical cooperation between HP and SAP, especially in solution engineering -- the development of SAP device types, mobile wireless solutions, or the HP output management solutions

SAP approval and compatibility

SAP does not certify peripherals, but it performs developments tests of device types that allow SAP standard print functionality and extended printer functions with the SAP ERP and SAP Business Suite applications.

The entire family of LaserJet printers is fully compatible with SAP software and can be easily integrated into your SAP Business Suite environment. SAP certifies software interfaces to guarantee functionality with SAP application modules such as the HP Output Management Solution ,  which is SAP’s recommended, certified solution for customers who have multiple entities and complex requirements for document distribution.

Output management

Accurate and timely delivery of SAP Business Suite documents is a critical link in your automated business process. A robust output management infrastructure ensures that your business-critical documents, including invoices, reach their intended destination at the required step in the workflow – maximizing system efficiency and minimizing the risk inherent in a broken business process.

Read more about HP Output Management solutions.

Electronic forms

Many SAP customers want special forms for printing invoices, delivery documents, salary slips, etiquettes, lists, and reports. HP electronic forms solutions let you quickly and simply create your own personalized forms, at low cost. Our experience shows that by using e-forms solutions, SAP customers can reduce the estimated project cost for creating customer-specific forms by at least a third, and save half of the project time.

Electronic forms offer you stationery and forms on demand, printed on plain paper, saving you the costs of pre-printing, logistics, and handling; of waste and obsolescence; and of having money tied up in pre-printed stationery. Electronic forms are also an ideal way of protecting your investment in your corporate design. They reinforce the positive perception of your organization by producing customer communication that is consistent and representative.

Java capability

Among the most interesting developments for HP LaserJet printers is the embedded virtual machine (EVM). You can use the processing power of EVM to make your HP LaserJet printer Java-capable, enabling you to quickly and simply develop plug-and-play chai-applets for all HP printers. There are already a number of plug-and play JetCAPS chai applications, and there will be more.

Chai applets significantly enhance the capabilities of your HP printers. For example, your printer can automatically send over your SAP system an order to central purchasing when the content of the ink or toner cartridge drops below a critical volume. This allows consolidated ordering, reduces storage space, and ensures that your HP printers will always be ready to use. Your JetCAPS partner can provide printer-resident applications to enable your printer to receive and print e-mails or e-mail attachments sent directly to the printer, or to gather and present information from the Internet or an intranet. 

The power of color

If you add color to the printing equation, the impact of printed communication is much more efficient. For example, one company has reduced the days outstanding for unpaid invoices from 42 days to 28 days by using color on their invoice forms. The device types from SAP let you get the most from your HP color LaserJets.

With fast, cost-effective office color printers, you can produce impressive color documents easily. With the JetCAPS portfolio publishing suite, they form a powerful, affordable end-to-end publishing solution that take your materials from creation to final output without a graphics artist or print service provider.

In HP’s color adoption study, customers felt that color adds three very important benefits to their communications.

  • Color can inform. From uses such as highlighting debits in red on a financial document, to dramatic full-color graphics or maps in a report, color increases comprehension and understanding.
  • Color can persuade. Color documents communicate more effectively and help sell ideas more readily. Unlike color, black and white documents often appear draft-like. According to the market research firm MetaFacts, the second most popular use of a workplace printer (behind letter writing) is printing reports or proposals, documents that benefit greatly from being produced in color.
  • Color can promote. Color helps businesses effectively communicate their company image, drive revenue, and help deliver results. Brochures, flyers, advertisements, and marketing collateral are all more eye-catching and memorable when created in color.

Analyst firm Lyra Research found that the top three benefits of adding color to a document were that color made it: 

  • Easier to remember 
  • More professional 
  • Easier to read

For more information

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