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Documents are at the foundation of every business process. As a result, any failure in the delivery of a document can lead to a costly delay in the related process. However, such delays can easily be avoided by using HP’s output management solution. It assures the correct delivery to output destinations and users, allows for a close tracking of print and fax jobs and completely manages all output-related activities.

Can you afford a breakdown in the delivery of your documents?

Without control over document delivery, business process interruptions can be frequent and costly. Imagine that your company has just spent millions implementing an SAP system. It appears to be functioning as planned and brings the selected and formatted data to the screen quickly. Then you press the print button. The SAP system sends the job to the printer and assumes its task is done. But the job does not print and the SAP system fails to detect the problem, which may be as simple as a paper jam or a printer out of paper.

Although delivering documents is a crucial component of an SAP system, managing the printing process is too often regarded as something that can be taken care of after the SAP system has been installed. As a result, a company may be forced to go back to its legacy systems to print checks, invoices, and other business-critical documents and forms.

The success of an SAP implementation should be judged on the basis of its capability to deliver output when, where and in the form that its users need. HP has developed a complete software solution for managing SAP system output, from document design to document delivery.

Augment you SAP NetWeaver™  Infrastructure

Every day, users print and fax thousands of important documents through SAP solutions. Without a comprehensive enterprise output management solution, it’s impossible to know if every request was successfully delivered. When business-critical documents such as purchase orders, invoices, order confirmations, delivery notes, and pick lists do not reach their intended recipients, it can affect the bottom line. When documents aren’t received, business processes are interrupted or fail completely. Anytime a company loses a document, the chain is broken, and valuable money and time are lost.

HP has developed a complete software solution for managing SAP system output, from document design to document delivery.

Developing an SAP NetWeaver™  output management strategy

MySAP Business Suite solutions rely on operating systems or third-party products to provide basic documents and print services. For many organizations implementing an SAP solution, a careful evaluation of the output needs required by the solution, as well as the infrastructure necessary to support them, is not performed prior to installation.

When such business-critical documents do not reach their recipients, the business process is interrupted, impacting not only the company sending the document but its customers and suppliers as well. The management of SAP document delivery to printers, fax machines, file transfer, email systems, and intranets is an essential component of all SAP implementations. HP has developed a complete software solution for managing SAP system output, from document design to document delivery.

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