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Virtualization Licensing for HP-UX 11i


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Customers often ask how software licensing will be impacted by virtualization. If you run software on less than the full server, will you still have to pay for the full server? Or if you take full advantage of virtual machines so that there are many more virtual machines than there are processors in the server, will you have to pay for every instance of software? HP’s Virtualization Licensing program addresses these two questions.

Virtualization Licensing allows you to purchase software licenses for less than the full capacity of a server or hard partition (nPar) when the software will be run in HP Integrity Virtual Machines (Integrity VM) or Virtual Partitions (vPars). It also caps licensing costs so that you can run as many instances of software as you need on a server with Integrity VM or vPars without paying for additional licenses. Virtualization Licensing applies to software from HP for HP Integrity and HP 9000 servers that is licensed on a per core licensing basis. Virtualization Licensing is not applicable for software licensed on a per-user or per-server basis.

Virtualization Licensing reduces software licensing costs in virtualized environments by allowing you to pay for only the software you need when you run the software on less than the full capacity of the server. It also caps costs allowing you to run as many instances of software as you want without paying for more licenses than the physical server would require.

In addition it enables you to increase flexibility. Without worrying about software licensing costs in virtualized environments, you will be able to focus your attention on architecting your systems based upon the best technical solution. This enables more effective consolidation.

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