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When you initially planned your SAP system, data archiving was not a top priority of your system design. However, huge amounts of data have accumulated over the years. 

A vast amount of obsolete or rarely used data remains in your production system, significantly reducing its performance. Growing database size and increasing data complexity result in a number of negative effects for your SAP users and administrators: data read times, backups, data reorganization and data recovery slow down beyond any tolerable limit. 

Investments in new hardware and storage systems were intended to cope with growing amounts of data and declining system performance. However, the total data storage costs (including personnel or storage management costs) typically amount to a multiple of the hardware price.

Data archiving

HP has extensive experience and competency in supporting and optimizing SAP applications. Leveraging its own SAP-certified archiving software, HP offers you multiple ways to optimize your system performance and to reduce future costs.

HP Investment Optimization Advisor for SAP R/3

HP Investment Optimization Advisor for SAP R/3 provides vital insights into the parameters affecting your system performance and identifies the system’s archiving potential. This is achieved by combining measurement of your business transaction, customer input, and capacity planning know-how based on HP’s experience.

HP reviews your hardware sizing, gathers information of actual business transaction volumes and table growth rates, and analyzes usage profiles, independently from your underlying operating system.

Based on this information, future IT infrastructure requirements are predicted and valuable inputs with regard to your IT planning for future storage and hardware needs will be provided.

HP Investment Optimization Advisor will identify possible savings and support you in satisfying legal requirements on business data retention. In a capacity and archiving strategy workshop, HP consultants will help you to define your SAP system capacity roadmap.

Use the outcome of HP Investor Optimization Advisor to move ahead with confidence on tasks that impact your SAP environment – consolidations, upgrades, migrations, archiving, and performance optimization.

HP data archiving for SAP R/3

R/3 system databases typically grow by 20-30 percent per year. That‘s why it‘s only a matter of time until system performance lets you down.

According to leading analysts, the total costs for one terabyte of storage space are five to seven times higher than the costs of the storage device itself. Adding new hardware devices to cope with growing data volumes can quickly result in a significant increase of total costs.

HP’s data archiving for SAP R/3 service provides analysis, design, and implementation of a full historic data archiving solution.

This highly customized service will provide you with a solution that allows you to handle your documents and data more efficiently. Ways to avoid growth in data volume will be identified. Data that is no longer needed daily will be stored outside your production system to limit database growth, reduce administration expenditures, and guarantee high performance levels for all users.

HP consultants will work with your IT organization to define, assess, develop, and document your current system scenarios and how they will evolve via the data archiving project. Along with a functional data archiving environment, additional deliverables of the service are short and long term plans for stable, not exponential, database growth. This prepares your IT environment for future requirements.

Using HP’s SAP certified archiving tool or a tool of your choice in your SAP environment will allow you to archive, file, administrate, and index your data. Archived data will be automatically compressed while direct access and restoration of entire archive files as well as of single documents is guaranteed. HP will train your IT organization to handle the archiving solution most effectively.

Digital InfoLife for SAP

Digital InfoLife is HP’s tool for data archiving that will allow you to manage the growth of data in your SAP applications by safeguarding your information in a cost-effective location.

Optimal day-to-day information management throughout the company requires centralized management of data and documents from a variety of geographically distributed applications in a range of formats and from varied storage media.

Digital InfoLife for SAP addresses the resulting scalability, performance, and flexibility requirements.

Digital InfoLife for SAP is a scalable information lifecycle management solution designed for high availability, accessibility, and easy administration. It supports the complete lifecycle of information, where data can be stored and retrieved from the storage media instantaneously. Digital InfoLife for SAP manages your information growth, enables information integrity, and manages information from disparate applications and storage media.

Digital InfoLife provides you with superior: 

  • Flexibility. The application and media interfacing functions are separated from the core archiving functions. This ensures that additional components can be added without requiring changes to the core system. Legacy applications can be integrated into the system easily and cost-effectively. Storage media can be replaced over time, with effortless transfer from the outdated medium to the newer medium, thus maximizing storage investment protection.
  • Scalability. The data storage capacity can be expanded in pace with your enterprise's specific requirements.
  • Accessibility. The distributed environment enables data and document archives to be managed at central or distributed facilities, while archival entries and inquiries can originate from desktops anywhere in the enterprise.

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