Business Continuity and Availability Storage Solutions

Backup, replication and clustering solutions for enterprise business protection
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Protect the information that is the lifeblood of your business

Today, your organization relies on IT as a business enabler. Downtime and data loss can have a high potential cost impact—from lost revenues and productivity to service unavailability. HP Storage Business Continuity & Availability Solutions protect the information that is the lifeblood of your business.

Choose the level of protection your data demands

The level of data protection you require can vary, depending on your company’s size and industry. That’s why HP Storage offers the right combination of storage products, technologies and services. In this way, we can support the level of data protection and recovery your business demands through these three steps:
  • Data Protection and Recovery: Take the first step in building a solid business continuity and availability storage strategy through traditional backup, two-stage backup and two-stage backup with virtual tape.
  • Disaster Recovery: Move on to the second step as you allow for rapid recovery of business operations and maintained high availability through local replication and remote replication.
  • Disaster Tolerance:Does your business require global high availability—with zero impact from any disruptive incident? Take this third step through full-site remote replication with or without automatic failover for server and storage clustering.

Where do you need protection the most?

Chart: continuum of business protection options

Find your point on the continuum of business protection options using the recovery point (how far back) and recovery time (how long does it take) objective to help guide your decision.

Why HP for these solutions?

  • More than 25 years experience successfully handling thousands of business interruptions and disasters for customers worldwide
  • Server and storage technologies offer the highest levels of reliability and availability
  • Pioneer in disaster tolerant computing, including clustering and data mirroring technologies
  • Significant experience gained from performing more than 50,000 recoveries
  • 60 backup and recovery facilities offer monitoring, management and recovery capabilities across all continents