Data Protection and Recovery Storage Solutions

The first step in building a solid business continuity and availability storage strategy
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Protect your data

Where to begin? Start with HP Storage Data Protection and Recovery solutions. Simple, automated accessible tools, processes and procedures for backup and restore deliver continuous data protection and availability across your environment. Solutions help meet strict data regulatory and compliance requirements as well.
Take the first step in the way that best meets your business continuity and high availability needs.

Traditional backup

A physical tape solution provides a solid foundation for any business continuity and availability solution for business of every size. Tape is the fundamental solution for providing:
  • Fast data recovery
  • Lowest cost per GB of any storage technology
  • Secure off-site vaulting of data protection against viruses and data corruption

Two-stage backup

Introducing two stages of data backup and recovery into your business continuity and availability strategy will:
  • Improve data recovery performance
  • Reduce the cost of unplanned downtime
  • Keep tape in the mix for offsite vaulting and for protection against viruses and data corruption

Two-stage backup with virtual tape

This approach provides the best chance of reducing the backup window in a SAN by targeting appropriate technologies for appropriate data types with:
  • Virtual tape that integrates seamlessly into a backup infrastructure because it presents itself as a physical tape library—for low risk and improved ROI
  • Deduplication capabilities that reduce backup requirements
  • Continued use of physical tape as the ultimate foundation to your solution